The Power of Manifestation

It’s been one month since I have written an entry and there is a very specific and exciting reason as to why. However, I will dive a little deeper into that in just a bit. In the final days of 2017, I spent a lot of my time in reflection about the year. Reflecting on current and past relationships with friends, family, and lovers. Where I am in my career and where I would ideally like to go. My overall attitude and outlook on how I approach each moment. When I began to really sit down and highlight the positive, the good outweighed the bad. It created a clear visual to me where I feel accomplished in my life and highlighted the area’s where it needed improvement. Now, if you haven’t been keeping up, I’ve had a pretty big life-altering change that rocked my world and turned it on its head a few months back. Breakups are never easy and it can take some time to really start thinking logically about this transition period. Then suddenly, you kind of just wake up. You start to put all of the puzzle pieces together. The ones you have been collecting for months or even years and once your pieces begin to fit together, it creates a better image of your reality. For me, my bigger picture or reality was knowing it was time to move on and move forward.

One particular resolution I made for myself for 2018 was a vow to being more open to life and what it has to offer. Saying yes to new experiences. Not allowing fear to stand in the way anymore of getting exactly what I want or have always envisioned for myself. No more making excuses and no more bullshit. At the end of the day, you are solely responsible for your own happiness. I think partly why we allow fear to take over is because we don’t necessarily believe that we are deserving of these things. We have all heard the saying, “what we feel we attract”. A simple concept that has been lost in translation. Our thoughts and feelings vibrate outward and create our reality. Through this realization and the alluring words of Max Ehrmann’s poem “Desiderata”, I knew I had some big changes to make.

You are a child of the Universe,No less the tree's and stars;You deserve to be here 1.png

Spiritual manifestation is an art that I am just now dipping my toe into. For year’s I’ve heard about books like “The Secret” or “The Power of Now” but never really engaged or participated in this mindset. Let’s pause and take a moment to spell out what spiritual manifestation is. According to Manifestation Made Real, it’s the process of bringing what you want into your life by using the Law Of Creation, also known as the Law Of Attraction.

The Importance of Believing
The Impossible Is Possible!

When we talk about manifestation or manifesting your reality, what we really mean is creating a world around you that contains the things that you want, be that people, places, wealth, or any other tangible or intangible thing which you can imagine and which can exist here on Earth.

Let’s just say, after a glass or two of prosecco on a cold December night, I decided to take my fate into my own hands. I pulled out my beautiful leather bound journal, that just so happened to be my journal during yoga teacher training, and began compiling a list of characteristics and attributes that are important to me in a significant other. Surprisingly, this list began to grow at a pretty rapid pace. It was clear to me after two and a half pages of material, I had a good visual of what this looked like. Also, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I set expectations that are too high to obtain. I think to go into any relationship, you have to have a sense of understanding that this person you may put on a pedestal isn’t always a perfect one and that’s OK! That’s what makes things interesting and fun. But there still needs to be a basic foundation of love, trust, intimacy, and honesty to have it thrive. This was the first time I truly allowed myself to feel deserving of all of these things I crave. I spent one too many years trying to change the outcome of a situation and it became exhausting.

As January comes to a close, I can full heartedly speak to the power of manifestation. It starts with waking up every morning and finding gratitude in the moment. I don’t want to spill all of the details just yet and while still being very optimistic, I feel like I’m finally living my life the way I have always intended to. It has been turned upside down yet again. Although, this time, in such a different and positive way. The past four weeks have been so different than my usual routine. New people and new experiences. There are people who are just meant to be in your life and it’s all finally starting to make sense…




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