Goodbye 2017

What a really weird year. Where do I even begin? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this but 2017 you have been one of the most challenging years filled with a lot of frustration and heartache. It’s not always easy, but I am trying to learn from the not so great experiences that this year has handed me. I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we recognize why a certain chain of events has occurred right away and in other instances, it takes a bit more time. I’m still in the latter phase of this process but I know I will get there someday.

I don’t want you to think that this is a bitch fest of all of the “terrible” things that have happened to me this year because it’s not at all. 2017 had some really amazing moments like having the privilege to watch my nieces and nephew learn and grow another year is pure magic. These little people have taught me so much like how to be patient and selfless. For years, I doubted if I even wanted to be a mother myself but this year especially, I have finally come to find that need or urge to want a baby of my own someday. Let me put more emphasis on the word someday. The thought alone is terrifying yet exciting.

2017 has also given me a lot of self-growth and confidence. I watched myself step into a more assertive leader in my professional career. I have put myself out there in ways that I could never have dreamed or imagined. For instance, teaching to 150 people on top of the Sear’s Tower (sorry as a Chicago native I refuse to call it the Willis Tower) Skydeck. Never in my wildest dreams of would I have thought I was capable of doing something like that without completely screwing up or backing out. That experience alone was the highlight of my year.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would now have a blog, I would have said you’re batshit crazy! Me? Never! Sharing my idea’s, emotions, and honestly has been one of the most terrifying yet amazing things I could have done this year. I still might not be an expert on how to format my blog correctly or I’m sure my posts are filled with a million grammatical errors but I’m grateful that the content has always come so easy. I think after years of being afraid to speak my opinion or share my ideas, I finally let go and let the words flow.

Re-connecting has also been another positive theme in 2017. In April, I spent seven days in sunny Florida with some of the most incredible ladies a girl could ever ask for. It had been six years since we were all together but it felt as though it was 6 minutes since we last saw each other. These ladies are some of the strongest, most intelligent, badass people you will ever meet and the continue to inspire me each and every day. I am forever grateful to have friends like these and even though we are miles apart, it’s comforting to know that there are people who love and care for you no matter what.

As I sit here in bed sipping champagne and write my final post for 2017 I have to remind myself how incredibly blessed I am. I have a lot to be thankful for this year but I will admit, I am ready to leave this year behind me. Not forgotten just letting go. Let’s see what you got 2018!

I wish you all a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!


Leaving 2017 like…




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