Liquid Xanax

What’s that you say? A natural sleeping aid that makes you feel like you just popped a half bar and makes all of your worries disappear? What’s even crazier? It’s a safe and non-addictive alternative to prescription pill! If you haven’t yet explored the magical world of essential oils, I highly recommend starting out with the doTerra blend, Serenity. For those who suffer from stress or restless nights, this essential oil blend helps to promote relaxation and a restful sleeping environment.

But what do you do with it? There are many different ways in using essential oils. A good rule of thumb? A little bit goes a long way! Only a few drops are necessary.

Apply To The Soles Of Your Feet

By applying the oil directly to the bottom of your feet, this allows for the quickest absorption! Because the feet have the biggest pores, they are able to absorb the oil at a faster rate. This essentially leads to the bloodstream in no time!

Keep in mind, some people find themselves a bit sensitive to essential oils. Irritation or even burning of the skin has happened. The bottom of the foot is less sensitive than other areas of the body. It’s recommended to test out here first in order to avoid a reaction.


These little wonders are sold almost anywhere and everywhere now days. Amazon alone has a plethora of different diffusers to choose from. A safe an effective way to benefit from the essential oil and their strong aromas. Follow the appropriate directions to specific defusers. 3-4 drops max is needed in order to achieve the appropriate benefits.


A few drops of Serenity along with Epsom salt will take your next bath a whole new level! Remember, these oils can be sensitive to certain skin types. Because the water helps to dilute the strength of the aroma, feel free to use up to 5-7 drops. If you are worried about skin sensitivity or were looking to add moisture, dilute the oil with coconut oil or carrier oil.

DoTerra can be purchased online, through a DoTerra representative or found on Amazon. Sweet dreams zzzz….




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